In 2009 Easy Eye Solutions was launched

March 15, 2012

ees-logo-blog2In 2009 Easy Eye Solutions was launched world-wide with two products. Our premier product was, and still is, the Instant Eye Tuck & Dark Circle Treatment. Our second was the Illuminating Eye Care. We have since added a third, which is the UnderCover highlighting Pen. This post, however, is not about the merits of the Easy Eye Solutions products, it is about where we started and where we have arrived and what we have experienced along the way. In conversations I have had with colleagues and associates who also occupy a spot in the ocean of products found in the beauty biz I have found we have a common beginning. It starts with a thought, then purposeful action and then the products. It sounds so easy, when in fact it takes considerable effort which takes years of research and preparation. Once the products are developed comes the marketing aspect of the business. This is perhaps the hardest part of all. When I started Easy Eye Solutions I never imagined that this small venture would go as far as it has. I knew then, as I know now, that if I was going to do this it had to be founded on integrity. So it began, with just a small You Tube video. One by one the clicks added up. Before long we had 10 thousand viewers and our in box was loaded with questions. At that time we didn’t even have a website, but we did have Pay Pal.

I decided I would email Pay Pal invoices to people who were interested in the products with the clear understanding that if they didn’t like them then they could return them, no questions asked. Our emphasis was and still is on product quality and customer service. This is as true now as it was at the start. Within months we had a working web site, which has been changed several times to reflect where we are in the market place. Orders for the products and direct inquiries were handled completely through the site. No longer were people contacting me directly via my personal email address. We were now in business. Sales were slow to start, but that soon changed. One day we received an email from a woman who had purchased both the Instant Eye Tuck & Dark Circle Treatment as well as the Illuminating Eye Care. She had some questions but really was contacting us to explain that the products had made a significant change in her appearance and that she was going to announce this on a beauty forum. I was a newbie, so I returned her message and asked her what a beauty forum was. I had never seen them nor was I particularly interested. She sent back a link to an international beauty forum, which had members review anything and everything beauty related. I will say I was impressed, especially when Easy Eye Solutions hit the pages of this particular site. In those days I was quite naive. I started Easy Eye Solutions as something fun to do. Something to share with the world, products I made myself with no particular attachment to an outcome. In other words I was not out to make a million dollars and certainly did not consider myself a beauty guru of any kind. I was simply following my passion and my need to create a product that would finally resolve my ever increasing under eye issues. I had a career and a good one at that.

I made a good income and was happy. As time moved forward so did the company. Due to wonderful customer feedback and a great response from review sites, plus personal testimonials from a couple of celebrities, I had to make a decision. The company had become something requiring all my time. My job was beginning to suffer, so something had to go. I will say that this was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I quit my job to devote myself entirely to my new company. I was nervous to say the least. We were entering the first of many recessions. Who quits their job at a time like that? Well, I did with the faith that since my new venture was my passion, to not follow it would perhaps leave me with future regrets. So where is Easy Eye Solutions now? Currently we are sold in 63 countries, have male and female clients of all age and skin type. Our sales were stable in 2011 up slightly from 2010. Our customer satisfaction rating is very high with less than 1% product returns. With many thousands of satisfied clients and the transformation of my own looks from baggy and saggy to youthful and fresh. I am a true believer in “what you perceive you can achieve”. All it takes is willingness and the courage to peruse your passion. After all, without the pursuit of passion, life would be nothing more than a series of events with no particular distinction.