Is Skin Product Layering a Good Idea?

October 7, 2013

Cfacean a person’s skin can handle layering products with so many ingredients at once?  Actually the skin is capable of taking on a fare amount of different products at once. It is no different than your diet. Whether you eat all of your vegetables in one sitting or take small bites of them as you enjoy the other food on your plate, your body is going to get the same nutritional benefits from the different foods in your meal.

What is more important is how the products feel and your preference than about how the products absorb or set. Some people just like the feel of waiting between applications, while others will layer one product after the other. It is also ok to mix products like a moisturizer and an exfoliant in the palm of their hand before applying.  However, there are some exceptions.

If you notice that a combination of products you’re using tends to roll or ball up when you apply one right after the other, then it’s probably best to allow the first product to dry before applying the next. The amount of each product you apply is important as well. People have a tendency to overdo the application of the product they use. Remember, that a little goes a long way.  To only apply as much as necessary to smooth over the skin area you are treating.  Sometimes two product’s textures just aren’t compatible, so waiting between applications is best.

Sunscreen should always be the last product you apply. The texture of most sunscreens tends to be heavy and are designed to sit on the skin’s surface.  Their texture will prevent the absorption of the other skin care products you are using. It is a good idea to allow a few minutes for it to set before you apply your makeup. If your foundation or tinted moisturizer contains sunscreen and is rated SPF 15 or greater, then there’s no need to wait, unless you personally prefer to wait.