If You Don’t Look Good, You will not Feel Good – I guarantee it!

July 5, 2011

coupleHelena Rubinstein once said, “There are no ugly women, just lazy ones”. This can also be said about men. Of course, beauty is skin deep, but let’s get serious: it is our faces and bodies that the world notices first. Our looks are like a calling card or resume, if you will and your looks can open doors or shut them just as easily. Very often, the world can be very judgmental.

Consciously or unconsciously we judge everyday. We notice everything, from the looks and expressions on people’s faces to the clothes they wear. Silently we rate human value based on what our eyes see first; it is our human nature. Think of the many times you have walked around in public and noticed someone who did not fit your standard of hygiene, fashion or general beauty. Perhaps you noticed their look and dismissed this person as someone you couldn’t relate too, or just didn’t like; never giving a thought to who this person is and what their merits were.

This reminds me of a story about Spencer Tracey when he first met Katharine Hepburn. It was a quick meeting and Katharine had been working in her garden all day and looked a mess. Her hands and face were were marked with soil, her clothes and hair in disarray. Spencer Tracey was completely put off and refused to work with her. Later he saw Miss Hepburn in one of her latest movies. He sat back and said “I would work with her anywhere, anytime”. This was the start of one of Hollywood’s greatest love affairs.

How the world responds to us is the primary way we develop our level of self-esteem and feel good.

Our relationship with ourselves is how we demonstrate to the world how we are to be treated. Feeling good about ourselves is the first step.

If you already have a great level of self esteem and don’t care how you look, then you can ignore the rest of this article. If not read on.

I believe that a person does not have to be outrageously good-looking to have a better life but it is essential to put at least some effort into our appearance. This shows the world that you care about yourself and that in turn the world should care about you. Looking better immediately boosts your energy. An energy that is charismatic which will draw situations and people to you which will make you feel even better. A little effort goes a long way.

Looking and feeling good can help us perform well during job interviews, give us confidence on first dates and in life in general. While we may have a few pounds to lose, or wish that we had more stamina, these represent longer-term goals.

If you are attractive, you become the focal point for all eyes. It is one of the many benefits that good looks bring to you. Studies have shown, that those who take care of their appearance are better off psychologically as well tending to have more social relationships than their not-so-attractive counterparts. What should you do when you want to look and feel good now? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Take a 15-minute walk outdoors. Being outside in touch with a nice breeze or some sunshine combined with the energy boost you get from a brisk walk can bring a rosy glow to your cheeks and get your blood moving. When you have increased energy, you tend to feel better.
  2. Go get a haircut. Of course, don’t impulsively make a major change that you may regret later. You may want to get a trim, or even some highlights. If you have had a dream haircut in mind, go for it!
  3. Get a massage. You can choose from a quick 15-minute massage or a full hour-and-a-half massage from a private registered massage therapist. This not only helps with stress but reconnects you with your personal energy and helps everything flow much better.
  4. If you’re a woman, put on some fresh make-up or buy a new lipstick that makes you feel good. Perhaps the cosmetics counter will even offer you a free makeover. If you’re a man, give yourself a clean shave and splash on some invigorating aftershave. Women, don’t forget about the feel-good powers of perfume!

Remember, that your relationship with yourself is the first example of how the world is supposed to respond to you. Showing the world that you care about yourself will make you feel good and the world along with you.