Do you know the difference between eye bags and puffiness?

June 9, 2014

under eyeIt’s common for people to have eye puffiness or eye bags. There are a number of factors which will cause these conditions, and there is a general confusion about what makes puffiness different from under eye bags.

There are a few major differences between the two; eye bags are created as the skin stretches and sags due to loss of muscle tone and fat accumulates beneath the eye socket. Eye puffiness is described as slightly swollen eyelids, sagging or excess skin and dark circles under the eyes. The eye bags are evident beneath the eye only, while the eye puffiness is evident around the entire eye. Eye bags are a sign of increasing downward pressure and gravity on the upper lids, and the eye puffiness is a sign of aging, loose skin. Eye bags are also the result of accumulated fat which settles in the under eye area. 

Under eye bags rarely change in size or shape, except to become more pronounced as people age.  Puffiness changes daily and is due to water and salt retention.

Many people have contacted me through the years asking if the Easy Eye Solutions products will treat both conditions.  With the client feedback we have received that answer is yes to both.  However, unlike under eye puffiness, under eye bags are rarely completely eliminated, but are improved with continued use of our products.