What Causes Aging & What We Can Do About It

March 18, 2013

men agingEach cell in your body has a countdown clock which limits the number of replications that it can undergo. This clock is the telomere, a region of repetitive DNA at the end of each chromosome. Each time the cells divide a part of the telomere is lost. When enough telomere is gone the division starts cutting into the chromosome itself. Important genetic information is lost and the cell dies. When enough cells die, you age.

There are two types of aging for the skin. There is the intrinsic (internal) aging, which is caused by factors within your own body, such as genes and body condition; and extrinsic (external) aging, which is caused by factors outside your body, such as sunlight and lifestyle.

On average, signs of skin aging begin to appear in the mid-20s. As you grow older, the skin’s ability to snap back to shape (elasticity) starts to decrease. That is because skin cells do not regenerate as fast as they used to – resulting in tougher, older skin. Although internal aging begins in one’s 20s, the typical signs of wrinkles and sagging skin do not appear until later.  Usually visible in the 30’s. Other signs that indicate skin aging are: thinning skin, loss of firmness, dryness, and reduction of sweat production that prevents proper cooling of the body.

aging-womanFactors outside your own genes accelerate skin aging. Lifestyles and habits carry more impact on why aging skin occurs more prematurely in your lifetime. With the present condition our atmosphere is in, harmful rays from the sun pass through in ever increasing amounts causing damage to the skin and hampering its ability to repair itself. Over a period of time, a few minutes a day of exposure to ultraviolet rays results in changes to the skin (freckles, age spots, rough skin).
Cigarette smoking does not only cause harm to the body internally but externally as well. This is most pronounced with the condition of the skin. Nicotine intake causes changes in the body that speeds up the break down of skin cells, among other harmful effects. Drugs and stress.

A major contribution to the symptoms of aging is that our glands get old, producing less testosterone, HGH and other “youth” hormones. Diet, exercise and supplements can increase testosterone and HGH levels. DHEA and Tribulus, for example can reduce the age related decline in testosterone. A high protein diet and strength training can increase HGH and test. levels.

To slow down the aging process and to look younger and healthier longer avoid stress, drugs, a nonactive life. Applying sunscreen is a must.  So is taking an effective multi vitamin.  Avoid vitamins with fillers.  Ask a health food store professional for advise. As I have mentioned in a previous blog post, take at least 2000mgs of Vitamin C daily and include Omega 3-6-9. Drink a lot of clean fresh water Also, it is proven that by adding some good quality extra virgin olive oil in your diet and the things you eat, you could live much longer.

Taking care of your skin externally is very important.   For women who wear makeup.  Please take your makeup off at the end of the day. For everyone, do not use any form of harsh cleanser such as a bar of soap.  Use a mild cleanser especially designed for the face.  A light moisturizer is important as well.  Keep your skin moist by using a moisturizer which effectively penetrates the skin layers.  Often heavy moisturizers can sit on the surface which will trap air born toxins and clog pours.

Facial exercised will also keep skin toned and firm.  Keep in mind that the facial skin is actually attached to the muscles below.  Doing facial exercises is like doing a work out for your face.  The skin will keep firm and the muscles underneath will be toned thereby keeping your face looking young.  Here is an example of some facial exercises you may want to try.  Caution:  be very gentle around the eye area.  If the pressure is too heavy you will cause the skin to sag and wrinkle.

As for the body, keeping active and eating well is necessary.  A regular work out routine is guaranteed to fight off the onset of aging. I highly recommend a site called Sex, Food & Kettle Bells.  They include a thorough guide to living a longer, healthier and a younger looking life. The site includes a great eating guide and some pretty impressive recipes. Suggested work out routines are also included. They have helped me in the past with my own quest for a healthier life.

Aging happens to everyone.  How we age is entirely up to you.