Why Are Eyes Sometimes Puffier in the Morning After You Wake Up?

September 1, 2014

waking upWhile we sleep, we don’t blink. And this is part of the reason why eye puffiness develops.

Puffiness or bags under the eyes have many causes, including inherited tendencies.

Blinking for eyelids is like walking for legs. When idle, some people develop swelling in their lower extremities that goes away as soon as they start walking and muscles in the legs begin “milking” the trapped fluids (edema), which are released back into circulation.

A similar action takes place in the eyelids. The closed, non-blinking eyelids during sleep potentially can swell in certain people prone to this problem. So in the mornings, you could wake up with unusually puffy, swollen eyelids.  Topical solutions such as the Instant Eye Tuck & Dark Circle Treatment are a perfect remedy to eliminate that dreaded puffiness.  It will keep your eyes free of puffiness the entire day.  Some of our clients will even apply the Instant Eye Tuck before bed to prevent waking up to under eye bags the next day.