What Aging Does to Your Eyes.

January 13, 2014

Eyes-Before-AfterDepending on your age, if you gently pinch the skin under your eyes you’ll feel that it’s a little looser and thinner than skin elsewhere. When we are young the skin in our under eye area is firm and shows no sags or excess skin.  As we age, some of the fat under the skin of the face moves and disappears. As the fat dissipates and disappears, the skin under the eyes becomes like a sail without wind. In addition, gravity when we’re sitting or standing tends to pull what’s left of the fat downward into the upper cheeks.

Thinner and looser skin will allow fluid to collect, causing a puffy appearance. What was a smooth surface when there was fat beneath the skin now can become a pale and bloated surface. The dark circles under the eyes are caused by blood pooling in the veins just under the skin. When there was more fat under the skin, it covered up the blood in the veins beneath it.

You’ve probably noticed the puffiness and dark circles when you first get up in the morning. That’s because when you are lying down, gravity is not pulling fluid in your tissues and blood in your veins downward into the cheeks below your eyes.

There are some standard methods to get rid of bags, puffiness and dark circles: wet, cool tea bags; cotton balls dipped in rose water; and, of course, the iconic cucumber slices. Many find that under eye creams and serums help reduce the puffiness on awakening.

In some cases there may be an underlying cause you can treat. Nasal congestion is an example, as it causes veins around the eyes to dilate. Treating the cause of the congestion (an allergy, perhaps) can make the dark circles go away.

Finally, there’s always cosmetic surgery if these treatments are not helping you enough. This would be considered a last resort.  First explore topical surgery alternatives.  One’s specifically designed not only to mask dark circles and puffiness but to effectively treat the problem.

As you all know, our Easy Eye Solutions products are specifically designed to treat these under eye issues.  Unlike other products which will provide a quick fix approach to temporarily reduce under eye puffiness and mask dark circles, the Easy Eye Solutions  over time, will reduce the signs of aging and the damage aging has caused on the delicate under eye area.