Is your Cell Phone causing you to look older?

November 17, 2014

mobile-phonesThe Cell phone, the now, must have devise, has provided us with amazing portability and ease of communication. Cellular Phones have made life convenient by allowing us to do multiple things through a single device.


But it has also overshadowed other aspects of our lives. Experts now say that excessive use of cell phones could expedite signs of aging. When people keep their heads bent for hours to look at miniature screens, it not only disturbs the balance of the neck and nerves of the fingers, but also causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear on the skin.


The strain on the neck also causes neck muscles to shorten, which in turn increases the gravitational pull on the skin causing it to sag. A double chin may appear, and other dynamic lines like the laugh lines become more prominent.


Here’s more:


Early Wrinkles:  Spending hours bent over a small device, can cause permanent wrinkles to form around the neck and chin. Constantly looking down and using smaller text size can also cause you to frown or cringe the eyes, leading  to crow’s feet around the eyes.


Dark circles: The LED of the mobile device affects the way you sleep. The blue light emanating from the gadgets can disrupt sleep balance, making it harder to fall asleep. Adding to it, the continuous strain on the eyes caused by the screen can cause dark circles before their time.


Dark spots: The excessive heat from the phone can mess with melanin production resulting in dark spots and skin discolouration.


Skin Allergies: Mobile phones also have metallic components like nickel, cobalt, and chromium which are all possible causes of skin rash, also known as contact dermatitis