Do you want to hide your dark circles? This is how you do it.

October 15, 2014

EES_Solutions_for_Dark_Eye_CirclesThe following post is in response to those who have been asking me about concealers. I suggest that treating dark circles rather than makeup is the best approach, but let’s face it, as we all know, both men and women want to hide their dark circles from time to time. This is why we created the UnderCover Active Highlighter.  This product is not as heavy as a regular concealer plus has a mixture of ingredients which help eliminate your dark circles as well as hide them.  They blend wonderfully into your natural skin coloration and come in a handy pen applicator.

If you want to hide those dark circles, this is how you do it.


Yellow and light colored concealers don’t cover under eye circles, nor is concealer supposed to go all the way under the eye.

The thing is that yellow and white-ish concealers are exactly what most beauty consultants will sell you. Plus they’ll apply them in one big semi-circle underneath your whole eye in an attempt to diffuse the darkness, but that’s not going to give you great results.

Under eye darkness usually has a tone of blue or purple for those with more Caucasian coloring and those with dark skin have a deep grey/brown cast, which causes them to look tired.

Elementary art class teaches us that yellow and blue mixed together make green. So why anyone would suggest yellow concealer is beyond me. It makes eyes look sallow and diseased.

To that same point, if one mixes white into any color it becomes a lighter version of the base color. By doing that with makeup under your eyes you’ll have a lighter version of blue, purple or grey. Again, not the effect that we are going for.

What you want to do is find a concealer which is no more than one shade lighter than the rest of your face and which has a peach, salmon, melon, or pink undertone to counteract the blue. For dark skin, as described before, you’ll need to choose something in the same tone of your skin but with a bright orange hue.

Here is the second most important part, placement.

99 times out of 100 concealer is not needed on the outer third of the eye. Putting concealer there will only draw attention to crow’s feet and crepiness. Where concealer should be concentrated is wherever you see darkness. Think of it as a comma shape that begins next to the nose and the inner corner of the eye and extends to where you can feel your ocular bone.

If you still need help understanding where exactly your discoloration is, try this exercise: Look in the mirror, tilt your chin down and turn your face slightly to the side. Now you can’t miss it. Concentrate putting your concealer there with patting motions, using either a finger or brush rather than wiping. When you feel you are done give one last boost with a dab of concealer in each inner corner of your eye. Then pick your head back up and walk confidently away from the mirror.

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