Do you have Festoons?

January 27, 2014

festoonFestoons—also called  malar mounds or malar bags are not well understood by most people. Many who actually have festoons are unaware of the condition or what is causing it.

They are situated on the upper edge of the cheek bone and are often confused with under eye bags or puffiness.  Under eye puffiness is the retention of fluid or fat directly in the under eye area.  Festoons appear lower.

malar sacksFestoons-

What is the difference between “bags” and festoons?

Bags are caused by fat or fluid protruding through the skin in the lower eyelid area, while festoons, which also protrude, are primarily on the upper part of the cheek. The two together can look like one large protrusion, but they’re separate issues.

Tips for evaluating whether you have bags or festoons, the causes of both, and solutions:

  • Are they bags or festoons? Bags often appear as puffy circles directly beneath the eye. If you touch them, they’re usually firmer, and you can’t easily move them from side to side. That’s an indication they’re bags. Also, if you look up, they become more prominent.

Festoons, on the other hand, are high on the cheek, although they can extend to the lower lid area. They feel squishy to the touch, and they can be easily moved from side to side. They don’t become more prominent when you look up.

  • What causes them? Bags are generally associated with aging, allergies and fatigue.

Festoons are usually the result of damage. Sun exposure, smoking, poor diet, drinking coffee and alcohol and aging are among the possible causes. In addition they can be due to circulatory issues and high blood pressure.  The results can be worsened by the contrasting pull of underlying facial muscles over the years. Fair-skinned people tend to be more susceptible to festoons. Although those with darker skin tones are not immune.

Although festoons can be an indication of some serious medical conditions it is more likely that they are a result of lifestyle and diet.  For example, festoons may expand if someone has a sensitivity to caffeinated drinks.  Eye Strain caused by too much computer time or television can also increase their size.  Festoons will become a pinkish color and will diminish or expand.

What concerns many is how persistent festoon bags are and if they can be treated.  Once they start to appear they tend to become a permanent facial feature which shrinks or expands depending on the body’s reaction to certain triggers.

Experts agree that there is no full proof method of treatment.  Even surgery has not shown favorable results.  However, they can be controlled.  Being aware of what aggravates the festoon sack, such as food, drink, activities which may include smoking or drinking alcohol etc. Is the first step.  The second is to possibly shrink them with a topical formulation, such as our Instant Eye Tuck & Dark Circle Treatment.  Of course there can be no guarantees. However, if the bags can be controlled routinely, they are unlikely to get worse and will shrink with continued use.

We at Easy Eye Solutions are now in the preliminary stages of developing a specific product to control Festoon bags. This will work in conjunction with our other EES products. We hope that this new product will become a powerful method of controlling this condition.  We will keep you posted as to our progress.

Special note: This article was intended to explain in detail what festoons and Malar bags are and their possible causes. Our second intention was to promote a potential new product specifically to treat Festoons and Malar bags.  Unfortunately we abandoned this project and will no longer pursue a treatment for these conditions.  At no time are we recommending any of our existing product line as a treatment for this.  The EES is specifically designed to treat direct under eye issues.  However. many clients as well as myself have used the Instant Eye Tuck & Dark Circle Treatment as a minor way of controlling our Festoons. Always keep in mind, what works for some will not work for others.  When in doubt please contact us directly for a specific analysis and possible treatment options for your particular under eye problems.  We nor any other manufacturer of eye products can guarantee results.

Thank you, Zach Merrill