Do you have “Cell Phone Monster Face”?

January 19, 2015

Every time you talk or text on your cell phone, you’re putting your skin at risk (and if you’re reading this on your mobile device, you’re doing it right now, too). Acne, wrinkles, and dark spots are just a few of the negative side effects from constantly interacting with wireless phones. Which in turn is causing many to have what is being loosely refereed to as “Cell Phone Monster Face”.

Here, five simple skin-saving solutions.

cell phone monster faceWrinkles:  Constantly staring down at your cell keyboard for long periods of time can cause “techneck,” or wrinkles underneath the chin and around the neck. Squinting at the too-small text can also cause crow’s-feet around the eyes.

The solution:  The neck is the first areas to show signs of aging. Make sure that you’re extending all your anti-aging skin-care products to this area. You can also get a cream specifically for this area.

Skin allergies:  The next time you break out in a rash, consider that your phone could be the cause. A recent study suggests that the nickel and chromium in cell-phone casings can cause a skin reaction called allergic contact dermatitis.

The solution:  Not all cell-phone brands contain rash-inducing nickel, and not everyone is sensitive to the mineral. If you do have sensitive skin, enclose your phone in a plastic case and cover your screen with a clear protector to prevent irritation.

Acne:  Did you know that your phone carries more bacteria than the toilet-seat handle? Just think about all that makeup and sweat that ends up on your screen after a lengthy conversation. That dirt can accumulate and cause breakouts on your skin.

The solution:  There are tons of ways you can clean your cell phone: You can make a water-based solution with 40 percent alcohol or use any monitor wipe. Also consider investing in an earpiece.

Under eye circles:  The blue glow emanating from computer, smartphone, and tablet screens can throw off your internal sleep rhythms, meaning it’s harder to fall asleep and you spend less time in REM sleep. Not to mention the incessant notification chimes from social media, emails, and texts.

The solution:  Less sleep means more under eye bags. Prevent puffy, dark circles from your late-night cell use with an anti-aging eye cream. Better yet, put your phone in another room after dinner and invest in an old-fashioned alarm clock.

Dark spots:  Constant use of the cell against your face can cause overheating and major skin issues. The added heat can disrupt melanin production, causing dark spots and discoloration to form.

The solution:  Don’t let your phone rub against your face for too long. If you’re in a private area, put your cell in speakerphone mode or switch to Bluetooth for lengthier conversations.