Illuminating Eye Care – Not just for your eyes anymore.

September 20, 2012

illuminating-eye-care-smThe Easy Eye Solutions Illuminating Eye Care was originally designed to treat under eye issues, including dark circles, fine lines and skin discoloration.  Our clients reported great results!  Diminished dark circles and a fresher look which included the elimination of cross hatching and fine lines. This with the Instant Eye Tuck & Dark Circle Treatment proved to be a winning combination for under eye puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.

Judy, a 62 year old client of ours from Canada wrote,  ” Your products are the best. I started applying the Illuminating Eye Care as a night cream around my eyes for the last few weeks.  I am happy to report that those persistent crows feet and dark circles I have had forever are gone and I mean gone!” ” I have been using your trio for months and can honestly say I look 10 years younger, my husband thanks you (lol) and I thank you so very much.”

We have received feedback like Judy’s from hundreds of customers world-wide.  Of course we are delighted to receive messages like this.  Our standards are high and so are our client’s.  As many of you know, our EES is now selling in over 62 countries and is being used by both men and woman from 18 to 80.

louis-beforeOver the last few months we started to receive messages from clients whose testimonials explained how they started using the Illuminating Eye Care not just on their under eye area but their entire face.  The claims were almost too fantastic to be believed so we asked for a before and after picture from one of our repeat customers, who was glad to help.  He forwarded a picture of himself prior to using the Illuminating Eye Care and one a few weeks after he had been applying the cream on his entire face.  This is Louis, a 47 year-old school teacher and department head of a busy high school.  He started using the EES approximately 6 months ago.

Louis, along with others, noticed a firmness and fuller, healthier look after using the Illuminating for just a few weeks.  He further commented that his family and friends also thought he looked years younger.

I was so convinced I decided to try this myself.  I am not a daily user of the Illuminating Eye Care nor the other products we manufacture.  After using the EES for years I believed that I was looking pretty good and certainly younger than my actual age of 58.  As many of you know, once you get to a certain point, daily use of the Easy Eye Solutions is not necessary.  So like my clients, I would use the products only several times a week to maintain my looks.  None-the-less I decided to give it a go.  I began using the Illuminating Eye Care on my entire face and neck every night before bed.  I did this for 3 weeks.  What I noticed the first day was my skin felt firmer.  My skin continued to improve, and here is a not so good picture of me, but remember, I am 58 and this is how I look now.

louis-after-tnMy face became much fuller and certainly firmer…a lot firmer.  What the Illuminating Eye Care did for my eye area it did for my entire face.  Am I happy?  I am more than happy I am ecstatic.

We have an integrity-based company and I am known as a man of my word.  I did not want to share this with any of you until I was absolutely sure of the potential results.

It is a very private thing sending in photos and having the world know your “beauty secrets”.  Therefore, I thank you Louis for doing this.  A special thanks to one of our clients in Japan, Mikako, who was the first to let me know of her results using the Illuminating Eye Care as a facial treatment.


Me After 3 weeks of applying the Illuminating every night for 3 weeks

Please keep in mind that the Instant Eye Tuck & Dark Circle Treatment is still only recommended for your under-eye area.

Best Regards, Zach