Confessions of a Bicycle Enthusiast & how Easy Eye Solutions Changed His Life

April 19, 2012


Ian in his biking clothes.

Ian Gartley, 26, has spent his life perusing his ultimate passion, cycling. Ian believes in living an active lifestyle, eating well and finding ways to reduce life’s stresses. Riding his bike has become a clear expression of human freedom – traveling anywhere and everywhere his bike will take him. He has faced the wind, rain and heat of the sun. Careening down endless roads and paths in different countries and terrains.

A few months ago Ian contacting me asking for help.  For years he had struggled with dark circle which had become much worse due to exposure to the elements while riding his bike.  He had also started developing lines and wrinkles in his eye area which were causing him to look much older than his actual age.  He asked if the Easy Eye Solutions were right for him.  I told him that I believed they were, but was not sure to what degree they would treat his under eye issues.  So we decided to try.


Ian’s eyes before EES

Previously Ian had used many dark circle and skin remedies.  Nothing worked for him..  He would even wear protective eye glasses to shield his eyes from the sun and wind and still nothing helped.

Ian began to use all three EES products.  The Instant Eye Tuck & Dark Circle Treatment, the Illuminating Eye Care and the UnderCover Highlighter in the Cool shade which matched his skin tone perfectly.

I asked him to take a before picture and a few weeks later to take a follow up photo.  I explained, that this was the only way to be absolutely sure that the products were producing the results he was looking for.  He followed my instructions exactly and a few weeks later sent in his photo results.


Ian’s eyes after EES

To Ian the results are obvious. He uses the products daily and for the first time since his situation began he believes he found the solution he was hoping for.

The Easy Eye Solutions reversed the look of his dark circles and rejuvenated his entire under eye area.
Thank you Ian for allowing me to share this with so many others who have also been searching for an answer to a situation that previously seemed impossible to manage.