Are you finished with Tea? Wait there is more….

April 5, 2015

tea foot ordorTea is a drink made out of leaves of a tea plant called Camellia sinensis. There are many types of teas around the world, and each one has its very own characteristics.

Tea drinking has been around for hundreds of years. People enjoy this beverage for its aroma, flavor, and multiple health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart attack, fighting free radicals, helping weight loss, lowering the risk of various diseases and many more, notes Time.

Did you know that tea is also good for the skin? Here are seven reasons why you should let your skin drink tea, too!

1.) Refreshing Anti-Acne Face Mask

Green tea contains catechins that have anti-bacterial properties that can kill off acne-causing bacteria. Honey contains anti-inflammatory agents that can help reduce redness and inflammation brought about by acne. The green tea and honey in a mask will help heal scars, flush out toxins, and smoothen your complexion.

This Green Tea and Honey Mask recipe makes use of 1-2 green tea teabags and 1-2 tbsps of honey. It is convenient and easy to make at home.

2.) Soothe Sunburn

Black tea is cheaper and effective in treating sunburn. To use, you’ll need to soak three bags of tea in warm water, soak a rag, and apply it to the affected area. Do not wipe it off because the tannins in the tea can help soothe the burn.

3.) Reduce Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

A natural and cost-effective puffy eye treatment is by using cooled teabags. Black tea is best for this because of its high caffeine content. After you’ve steeped your teabags, toss them in the fridge or freezer in a sealed container or bowl. To use, lay one tea bag over each eye and press down gently to relieve puffy eyes and reduce dark under eye circle.

4.) Soothe Bug Bites

You can soothe and reduce the swelling of insect bites by using teabags. Steep a few teabags in hot water and apply the tea to the affected area.

5.) Skin Toner

Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants and can be used to cleanse and revitalize the skin as a toner.

6.) Remove Foot Odor

Tannins in tea are wonderful antibacterial agents that can get rid of the odor from stinky feet via a tea foot soak. The tannin helps reduce foot sweating, a factor that makes feet odorous.

7.) Soothing After Shave

The inflammation and redness that razor burn leaves can be soothed by gently applying cold tea bags to the affected area.