Are you afraid of getting old?

September 22, 2014

aging gracefullyFocus on the Good

It is important to focus on not only the negative aspects of getting old, but also the positive. There are many reasons to look forward to getting old as well as to fear it. For one when you are older you will gain more respect from your peers and will have the benefit of experience. At the same time you will for the first time since you were a young child be able to enjoy real freedom without the burden of work, of education or of others being dependent on you. It’s a chance to slow down and enjoy life, as well as to sample some of the ‘finer’ things.

Look at the Right Examples

If you fear aging then perhaps you have had the misfortune of watching someone age slowly and painfully. Recognize that this is not always the case, and that many people reach old age gracefully and with a lot of their faculties intact – and they go on to lead great lives full of exploration and adventure and personal achievement. Look to some of them for inspiration whether they be in the media or members of your own family.  Some of the people who have inspired me include Louise Hay, international motivational speaker and author.  Who is now in her mid eighties.  She has kept her spirit and mind active by following her passions.  We all remember George Burns the famous entertainer.  He lived to be 100 years old and stayed active and in the media spot light until he passed away in 1996.  These are just two examples of people who have shown that aging is merely a stage of life which can be met head on fearlessly and with grace.


It’s also a good idea to plan for the future and for old age. If you are currently dealing with your fear by refusing to think about death and this eventuality, then this will only result in your being unprepared and more frightened as a result. If you know more of what to expect, and if you have made plans, then it can make the whole matter a lot less alien. Things like preparing a good pension, and making some plans for how you will spend your time (traveling, writing a book, learning a new skill, working with charity etc) can all help you to actually look forward to at least elements of your old age. Above all, stay busy, active and keep fit.  Busy people age at a slower pace than those who live a sedentary life.