Morning Skin Care Tips

August 31, 2013

Instant Eye Tuck & Dark Circle TreatmentEvery morning when you wake up, you might not look your very best. It is quite natural that you will wake up to see messed up hair, drooping eyes and of course a puffy look.  There are certain skin care steps which can be taken in the morning to look your best all day long. These morning skin care tips will help your skin look and feel revived, refreshed and ready to face the day with a smile. It is a known fact that skin care is just as important in the morning as it is at night. 

Wash – When you wake up, wash your face with plain warm water and wipe with a dry cotton ball. Cleanse the areas under your eyes and near your nose using the cotton ball. 

Exfoliate – One of the best morning skin care tips to follow is by exfoliating your skin after you have washed your face with clean warm water. This will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Toning – Some of you may think that toning takes a lot of time especially if you have to do it first thing in the morning. You should know that this morning skin care tip of toning your face will help you looking fresh and vibrant. Use toners which are not alcohol based.

Moisturize – If you want to have soft and supple skin right through the day In the morning a light face cream can be applied on your face. Gently massage the cream into your skin.

De-puff – One of the best ways to get rid of those puffy eyes in the morning is to apply the Easy Eye Solutions Instant Eye Tuck & Dark Circle Treatment. This gentle serum will reduce puffiness in minutes and keep your eyes firm and fresh looking throughout the day.

Hydration -Drinking water will help keep your skin moisturized. If you drink three glasses of water as soon as you wake up it will give you lot of energy for the day ahead. These are some of the morning skin care tips to help you start your day with a positive face and a positive appearance.