Lifestyle Changes Will Help Remove Dark Circles on Men

September 9, 2013

Dark Circles MenGetting plenty of sleep is a huge factor in lowering the possibility of your pending dark circles.  Manage your day by getting the recommended eight hours of sleep per night when and where you can.  Secondly, stress is a big  factor in the occurrence  of dark circles.  If you are placed under constant high levels of stress, your eyes are inevitably going to show their nasty side.  Learn to manage stress by doing simple things. Counting to fifty during intense periods of stress, or taking a five minute walk to clear your head are just some of the things you can do to relieve stress and remove the pressure from your skin and eyes.

There are many ways I deal with stress.  One which I highly recommend is visiting a web site called  Here you will find mini meditation sessions which range from 2 – 10 minutes.  When the pace is just too fast this is another way to bring your stress level right down

Another men’s skin care tip is to relax when and where you can. Turn off the cell phone and put on your favorite TV programme for an hour a day. This will allow your mind and body to ease.  The indirect benefits of this on your skin can be significant.

If you are focusing for eight hours or more a day on a computer monitor, take five minutes out your day from time to time to focus on something longer distance.  This will ease the continual pressure placed upon your eye muscles, veins and skin to focus so heavily.

Do not underestimate the importance of diet.  We all understand that you may want to enjoy the occasional pizza and beer with the boys. But, being good to your body from time to time will leave you one step closer to healthier looking eyes. Slowly implement leafy vegetable and fruit into your diet, such as cabbage, spinach, blueberries and strawberries. These power foods won’t just help towards your recommended five a day but also contain Vitamin K. Vitamin K is a key component in relieving dull and dark skin. For a brighter and fresher general complexion, grin and bear getting used to these key foods and reap the rewards. Alternatively, look for a vitamin K supplement, which can prove a valuable building block towards a healthier looking skin.  Finally, avoid smoking. We don’t need to list the endless detriments regular smoking can have on your health, and when it comes to skin’s health, it’s certainly no different.

Keep in mind that treating dark circles works best when you combine a number of components.  Topical products, such as our Easy Eye Solutions are remarkable when partnered with life style and diet changes.  Dark circles can be eliminated when a direct and determined course of action is taken.