Illuminating Eye Care for your eyes, face and whatever else ya got.

November 8, 2012

illuminating-eye-care-smLately I have spoken the virtues of the Illuminating Eye Care, not only as an exceptional cream for rejuvenating the under eye area but for the entire face as well. As many of you know, some time ago we started receiving messages from clients who reported great results using the Illuminating as a facial moisturizer/treatment. I even tried it myself and was very impressed with the results.  My skin was firmer and the lines and wrinkles around my face and neck were gone.  I too had previously only used the Illuminating around my eyes. These results have been published on this blog as well as our You Tube Channel.  Used along side the other EES products, my dark circles were eliminated along with the crepy cross hatch under eye lines and crows feet. However, I could have never anticipated that my facial skin would actually lift and firm the way it did after just a few applications.



As you have seen before, I did a post showing some before and after pictures of one of our regular clients who started using the Illuminating Eye Care on his face and neck.  His results were impressive. I wanted to find at least one more person who’s results would cast out any lingering doubts you may have had about the effectiveness of this remarkable cream. For this I needed someone who had a rugged look.  Someone who had done little to take care of their skin.  If the cream could improve skin texture and rejuvenate with someone like this, then it would produce impressive results for anyone.  Below are before and after pictures of a person who did not want to be identified, but had exactly what I was looking for: Late 40′s, with leathery skin texture due to decades of general neglect. Have a look and you be the judge.

Do note, that he used the product once a day for three weeks only applying the



Illuminating Eye Care to his face and neck area. He later told me that he did not apply the cream to his forehead. What I noticed is a general smoothing of the skin, far less wrinkles and his face looked firmer, fuller and less saggy.

Seeing results like this is one reason I do what I do with EES. If you have any questions never hesitate to contact me.  Would love to hear from each and every one of you.